LETTER OF INTRODUCTION (Barn restoration and renovation, stone walls):

       Who we are - What we do - Generally, what you need to know about us.

 Building Renovation and Restoration
Historic Oak Timber and Stone Wall
Barn Raising and Razing
Box 588, Westbrookville, NY 12785     Call: (973)-614-9101

Dear Friend, Architect, Barn Owner, Homeowner, Designer, 

      I am Mark Pilipski, the "Rock Man." I craft, repair, restore, and renovate stone and timber structures such as barns, houses, stables, foundations and walls and construct fireplaces, gardens, waterfalls, pools, patios and walkways.

      The inclusion of stone and large timber structures in building and site designs adds a certain "natural feel" to the completed project. Such designs may be structural as well as decorative in nature.

      Recent examples of my work can be seen at the Blackfeather Retreat Barn in Westbrookville, NY and the Culver Randel Millhouse - Randellville Mill in Florida, NY (listed in the New York State and National Register of Historic Places) incorporating stone steps, an enclosed stone walled garden and a repair to a collapsed stone wall on Quaker Creek. Currently, I am constructing an arched stone bridge across Quaker Creek to connect the Millhouse and the Mill. Plans for this site include the installation of a traditional oak waterwheel for the Mill.

      To build something beautiful (a barn, a house, a home, a stone wall) that will last several lifetimes requires knowledge, talent, experience and love for the task. Using Old World traditional as well as modern techniques Mark Pilipski (the Rock Man) will help you create the architectural setting you seek. My rates are competitive and no job is too big or too small for consideration. Please consider using my talents for your projects or recommending my work to your clients.

      Please, share this information. Call me if you have any questions or an idea you would like to discuss.

      Hoping to establish a strong mutually rewarding foundation with you, I remain,


                                                                                         Mark Pilipski
Professional Member of the Timber Framers Guild

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