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"A work of art that has lasting significance!"

The CARPENTER by artist Mark Philip Stone

      A truly traditional symbolic and at the same time modern representation of the Holy Crucifix. This work of art was designed and is produced by a master carpenter and timber-framer. The hardwood Cross holds an aluminum level and a brass plumb bob to demonstrate the creed of ancient and modern carpenters; "Level, plumb and square." Adjustable knurled brass knobs allow you to properly hang this work on any wall. This work of art echoes the heavenly faith as well as the earthly craft of our Lord. It brings a humbling grace to any room.

Individually signed by the artist
Large Cross  (pictured on this page)
32" W x 40" H x 4" D wood, brass and aluminum
$ 250.00 plus Shipping costs, order online here

Large Cross

Individually signed by the artist
Small Cross   (not pictured)
8" W x 10" H x 2" D wood, metal and cord
$ 65.00 plus Shipping costs, order online here

Small Cross