Mark Philip Stone

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Photographic Studies


Portraits, Figures,Essays



        Current projects (Works in Progress):

                   Women in Love (Femmes en Amour)

                   D/s - Erotic Images

                   Keeping it all under my Hat


The Black Feather Retreat Artists’ and Writers’ Colony

BOX 588, Westbrookville, NY 12785     (973)-614-9101


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   Mark Philip Stone is a Monstre Sacre, the cousin everyone dearly loves yet never discusses in polite conversation.   His opinions border on revolution.   He reminds us that his creed is; Sexuality is Creativity. “Polymath, author, scientist, artist, photographer; he moves with facility over several genres allowing them to seamlessly overlap, he simply does not see the boundaries that constrain the rest of us.” 1 His current works portray select emotions in photographic form.

       He is an artist in residence at The Blackfeather Retreat Artists’ and Writers’ Colony in Westbrookville, NY.


1. Pilipski-Ars et Lettres Review




Newsletter - E-Belle Lettre - Spring 2009

Newsletter - E-Belle Lettre - Summer 2009






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