Lying Ass Pony

             by Mark Philip Stone


If you want me, Baby, here I stand.

But you must be warned

I知 not an ordinary man.

I知 mean and I知 stubborn

And I知 true to myself.

I知 walking free.

I ain稚 sittin on a shelf.

My mind is active and my body is engaged

I致e left lovers crying.   I致e left people enraged.

And if I don稚 tell you

It ain稚 my fault if you don稚 know.

I知 not going to lie to please you

But I just might let you go.


The truth is what feels good

And this feels good to me.

I don稚 have time for lies

The truth has set me free.


Some may call me a player.

Some may call me bad.

Some may say I知 real good.

Some may think I知 mad.


I may be crazy, Baby

But I致e got loving on my side.

So saddle up that pony

Let痴 take her for a ride.



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